The Chapter with a Heartbeat
Robert Wright, FDD
St. Thomas the Apostle Council #4815
Conferring Officer
Christopher Duffet, FDD
St. Bernadette Council #8478
Host DD

Robert Lynch, FDD
Our Lady of Lourdes Council #7250
Louis Williams, PGK
Joyce Kilmer Council #2483
Inside Guard
Edward Shellman, FDD
Joyce Kilmer Council #2483
John Scioscia, FDD
St. Andrews Council #5088

Greg Schmitt, FDD
St. Andrews Council #5088

Joseph Olivo, FM
Our Lady of Lourdes Council #6930

To schedule the Knighthood Ceremonial, access the state website at,  access the Degrees tab.  Under Degrees tab select Procedure for Hosting a Knighthood Degree:
  1. Complete application for a Knighthood Degree as found in the Grand Knight's Handbook and on-line at
  2. Consult with your District Deputy as to his availability on 2-3 dates.
  3. Submit application, signed by your District Deputy, include a check for the $50.00 degree fee and send to the State Ceremonials Chairman.
  4. Once your date has been approved you will be notified of the name of the Conferring Officer, who will be your contact.
  5. The degree will automatically be posted to the State website after it has been approved by the State Ceremonial Chairman.
Any questions please let me know.
Edward Shellman, FDD
Joyce Kilmer Council #2483
Metuchen Diocese Ceremonial Coordinator
Cell 973-945-3947

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